Low fog – Dry Ice Effect – Floor hugging clouds

Weddings 1st Dance hire Newcastle, Durham, Darlington, Northallerton, York

Dancing on the clouds is the ultimate WOW factor for your weddings 1st dance?

Big Smile Events, now offer the dry ice for the ultimate Dancing on the clouds effect.

 Using real dry ice to make a cloud, that will stay low to the dance floor & will create the effect of dancing on a cloud, make your wedding look amazing, available throughout the Northeast & North Yorkshire.


Our Dry ice service is available to hire throughout the northeast, including Darlington, Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Hartlepool, Northallerton, York and Leeds, pop over to our Contact page for more information.

Every couple should have the opportunity to make their first dance one to remember. Why not dance on the clouds for your first dance? We offer the best dry ice effects service for your first dance throughout the north east.

We offer the best dry ice effects service as an additional extra to make your first dance the one to remember, we also hire the very popular cold spark & confetti cannons.

Our dry ice effect service will create a dense fog cloud which will stay low to the ground and won’t interfere with photography. The effect of the cloud is amazing for your first dance.

For more information on our dry ice machine, pop over to the manufacture at Dancing on the clouds

Dancing on the clouds, from Big Smile Events

Our dry ice machine is available for hire throughout the Northeast, this is the ideal first dance effect, we also have the latest cold spark machines & Confetti cannons.

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